artnet trolls

artnet email screengrab


I put a lot of energy into opposing the kind of lame-arse corporate aspirational artworld that artnet represents, neigh epitomises and idolises….hell, I think that I even mention them in some posts in a negative sense….but then you receive a welcoming email from them and you just want to kill yourself…

Art of the Military Industrial Complex

Exhibition of Military Industrial Complex art

The US Republicans want a war juggernaut that no enemy would dare challenge. They want to be the toughest bully in the playground, with an eternal war machine as not just their growth model, but as the basis for their national-actualisation.

Poor America, this is what Eisenhower warned them of and arguably, what Kennedy died challenging.

Peace on Earth or purity of essence?

This drawing is from Chapter 4, it shows a recent exhibition at the Death Dollar Dealers Foundation on Private Island.