Particle Collisions, 1993

After the renewed interest in particle physics, the search for the Higgs Bosun using the LHC etc, I noticed that I’ve been receiving hits on some paintings that I did in 1993, the Particle Collision series. These where made just after my first exhibition (1992), so they are relatively early examples of my painting practice. They were made by pouring wet into wet and semi dry, with some pre and simultaneous brushwork to determine the paths of decay. I used all of the wrong chemical combinations in mixing the paint, resin, mediums and solvents, this produced some very interesting surface effects in some of the paintings, blistering, bleeding etc. My early documentation isn’t what it should be, but I remember doing about 6 to 8 of these works, some of which were sold and a few are in my Australian storage. Here are images of some of them….