Art Institutions and the zombie economy

Arthandlers and zombie exhibition practice

In this image from the DDD Foundation for Contemptorary Art and Neo Liberal Social Practice, preparators uncrate the latest acquisitions for an exhibition highlighting the tension between painting and research based practice. The well dressed curator draws on extensive knowledge of primary school social science projects in order to present incisive relationships, at the same time as opening new areas for entertainment of the brain-dead and possible speculative monetisation.

(However, something artworthy is happening: note the WIP Bucky Ball)

Street Justice for Banksters

death dollar dealers lay in wait for the CEO & CFO of Bank of Satan

The idea of justice is abstract, theoretical and non-applicable when it comes to contemporary financial crimes. In fact, there have been few cases of prosecution in relation to the Global Financial fiasco. The race to the bottom regulatory environment of the last 30 years and the drive towards higher complexity seem to have conflated the ideas of liberty and amorality. In this parallell universe where failure of comprehension reigns supreme, there can be no punishment because there was no crime, there is no spirit, nor letter, of the law, only a porous and flexible boundary of legality. However, in the cases where regulators are pro-active, the market continually generates further complexity in a never-ending game of brinksmanship.

Even fantasies of a certain level of street justice, or poetic justice, are an illusion. When banks and banksters cheat and rob each other, this is a further re-distribution and concentration of resources and wealth within the 1%, any fallout is socialised. We have to remember that this is a system that rewards failure at the top end, so spare your tears for the downtrodden financier on the wrong end of the deal, his or her disappearance into a temporary obscurity is feathered with luxury.

In Chapter 1 of my drawings I show the antics of the Death Dollar Dealers (DDD) as they work within the moral vacuum, for profit and for fun. In the drawings, the DDD are often trying to capture some emotion, thought, impulse, sensation, bodily fluid, even death itself, for their algorithmic black box. They are trying to suck up the creative flows and energies of existence and turn them into quantifiable mathematical formuli, which is then turned into monetary capital and profit, or put to the service of the revivification of the rotting capitalist corpse. In the drawing above, they lay in wait for the CEO and CFO of Bank of Satan, who think that they’ve gotten away with the booty from their collapsing bank….he he he…..