Venice Biennale 2013

Kill All Artists

This really has been a tough year or so, the old money or the gun question…but having profited from the hallucinations of my cultural capitalist overlords, I can come back to this more or less intact…and let’s talk about those contemporary art goons later…

The Venice Biennale, hmm, well it pretty much looked like every other biennale I’ve seen since 1997, but I was vaguely interested because of the Jung, the utopian and the outsider. But as usual what I really enjoyed was Venice itself and kind of hanging out there, wandering in and out of art stuff in a rather mindless way. Whilst there were a few good things, the graffiti done by other visitors was the most entertaining and further to that I enjoyed watching people, who I presume are artists of one kind or another, undertaking personal projects whilst they were there. For example, a girl who was doing some time lapse photography of herself near the billionaire super yachts with their dedicated exclusion zones etc (very current of course), or some middle aged ladies wearing matching op-art dresses (and kinda reminding me of Eva and Adele, but without the drag) who asked me to photograph them for their art project. That all got me thinking that, rather than the usual curatorial “position” (scaled on the crap-o-meter), it would be great to gather up all of these artist/visitor projects and make a biennale about that…ah like all good ideas its time will come, or at least some turd will read this and nick it. (I’ll talk about my “friends” at the Kunsthalle in another post…)Graffiti Venice Biennale 2013

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